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Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with over 270 000  people. Bergen is a major business hub for people working in  oil and gas as well as various other offshore industries.
The Gentlemen’s club is Bergen’s only exotic dance/strip club.
Experienced dancers who know how to work can make  good  money  here  throughout the whole year January  – December. Our more experienced dancers earn 60 00080 000 NOK a month, our mid range dancers earn 40 00050 000 NOK a month and below that the average is 35 000 NOK a month.


Contract details:
Minimum 2 x weeks

Salary / Conditions / Accommodation
Dance prices & Commission:
A 10minute private dance costs 1000NOK(100Euro) for the customer, the dancer gets 500NOK(50Euro) minus VAT of 25% so total 400NOK(40Euro).
A non-­‐alcoholic ladies drink costs 300NOK(30Euro), the dancer gets 140NOK(14Euro) (60%). An alcoholic ladies drink costs 300NOK(30Euro), the dancers gets 100NOK(10Euro)(42%).
25% commission is given on Champagne sold with prices starting from 1900NOK(200Euro)

House Fees: None

Dress code:
Is CLASSY either long or short dresses. No see through dresses, bare stomach or underwear showing is allowed. The dancer must bring of fantasy outfit, for example school girl, nurse, army, law enforcement etc.

Club Opening Times:
The club it is opening 6 days at week from 22:0004:00 Monday – Thursday & 22:0005:00 Friday – Saturday.

Requested arrival time of dancers:
Dancers must arrive no later than 21:30.

The club provides free accommodation 2min walk from the club in the city center.

The dancers can ask for cash advance up to 10.000NOK(1000Euro) a year.
The dancer will receive a 50% travel refund up to 1600NOK(160Euro). The dancer will receive this cash on arrival for contracts 3 weeks and longer.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club.

TEL: 07831 880 218 (from outside UK: 0044 7831 880 218)

TEL: 0161 408 6157 (from outside UK: 0044 161 408 6157)

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