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The Club is situated in the heart of Munich. Dancers one by one come on stage with their dance show, which last 3 to 5 minutes.  For this dancers earn dollars. Each dollar equals 0,5euro income. Dancers must show striptease on the stage, at the end of the dance in the last seconds must be fully nude. The Gentlemen’s Club is the most glamorous and luxurious table dance club in Munich. Elegance, Sexuality, Style!.


Contract Details:
Minimum 2 x week’s contract

Club Opening Times:
The Club is open every day. The Club considers that the Dancers should have a minimum of one day off, to relax.

Requested Arrival Time of Dancers:
Dancers must arrive no later than 30 minutes before opening and be ready to perform by opening time.

Salary / Conditions / Accommodation:
Fixed Salary is paid 30 Euros

Dress code:
Every Dancer must present herself in the best way (hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, make-up), to have 4 or 5 sexy-outfits.

Dance prices & Commission:
VIP Rooms for Private Dance, which last 5 minutes, 25 Euro for Dancer.
Separate Rooms where Dancers earns 25 -30% of Champagne sale (Dancer must entertain the guest, be charming and respectful, you can speak or dance with the guest).

House Fee: None.

Accommodation: The Management provides fully furnished accommodation, situated in the center of Munich.
All airport transfers are taken care of by the Club, free of charge. Opportunity to earn at least 4000 per month.


International and English Dancers wanted for this club.CALL NOW & MAKE YOUR BOOKING QUOTING REF 70

TEL: 07831 880 218 (from outside UK: 0044 7831 880 218)

TEL: 0161 408 6157 (from outside UK: 0044 161 408 6157)

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